Episode 20 – Ken Hughes

2010 National Champion with his  Whiscombe

Ken Hughes has been shooting field target since 1989. He’s a two-time national champion, former AAFTA BOG member and chairman, Nationals host, GP host, match director, and a great ambassador for field target.

In this wide-ranging interview, Ken talks about his involvement with the sport, his guns over the years, friends he has made, and lessons he has learned.


2015 National Champion


Arizona State FT Championship – Sept 16 and 17 at Mormon Lake, AZ

Interview with Mark.

From Mark Kayffman:

“The AZ state FT championship is scheduled for Sept 16 and 17 at Mormon Lake, AZ

Match information and registration forms (printable .pdf) are located on the club website; http://www.airgunnersofarizona.org/2017-arizona-state-field-target-championship—aafta-grand-prix.html

Also note that one of our members is putting together a pistol FT side shoot, probably on Friday, to gauge the level of interest for possible insertion into the program for next year (2018). If you plan on coming to the match and want to bring along your FT pistol, please do so.

Registration closes September 1. Please have your registration in before then so that we can have the proper sizes of tee shirts printed.

Best regards,
Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona”

Episode 19 – Scott Hull on Setting up a Hunter Division Scope, Ballistic Programs, and Bracketing

In this episode of the podcast I interview three-time national champion Scott Hull on his tips for setting up a scope on a Hunter Division rifle.


Scott talks about his favorite scope, mill dots, using ballistic programs, and bracketing.

Scott is an engineer by training and he brings his approach to setup and figuring out a reliable way to range with the limitations of a 12x scope.



Episode 18 – West Coast Piston Championships – Scott Hull

In this episode Scott Hull and I talk about the West Coast Piston Championships scheduled for August 19th and 20th near Morro Bay, California. Scott is the match director and is putting together another great piston shoot.

This two-day, all piston rifle shoot, is unique in the U.S. and my hope would be to see similar piston shoots held around the country.

For Registration:


Scott is allowing registration upon arrival as well, but let him know ahead of time, if possible.

Do your best to make it to this shoot.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Model 9015 Field Target
The new precision target rifle for field target disciplines based on our successful and unique model 9015 ONE.

This fascinating sport places high demands on the shooter and equipment, and combines the experience of competition while taking place in challenging field conditions. The targets are placed at a distance of 9.8 – 54.7 yards and are usually fired at the kneeling or sitting position. The targets have a target diameter of 0.59, 0.98 or 1.6 inch.

The newly developed high-power barreled action offers absolute precision and accelerates 10.5 grain diabolo pellets without recoil to an average velocity of 690 feet-per-second. Combined with the numerous adjustment possibilities of the stock, the 9015 Field Target is the perfect rifle for this challenging sport.

The 9015 Field Target works with 15 Joule and has a operating pressure from approx. 100 bar.

Technical data:

  • Total length (cm) 92-102.5
  • Weight approx. (kg): 4.2
  • Trigger
  • Name: 5065 4K
  • Type: Two stage trigger
  • Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 22
  • min. Trigger weight (g): 30
  • max. Trigger weight (g): 170
  • Cant of the trigger shoe: 11
  • Barreled Action
  • Name: 9015 High Power
  • Barrel: ANikko StirlingCHÜTZ Precision barrel
  • Calibre: 4,5 mm
  • Version: right/left
  • Rifling (cm): 42
  • Rifling length (mm): 480
  • Number of grooves: 12
  • Muzzle diameter (mm): 18
  • Barrel length (cm): 51.2
  • Length of barreled action (cm): 65
  • Weight approx. (kg): 2.2

Episode 17 – Preview of the 2017 U.S. Field Target Nationals In Phoenix, Arizona

In episode 17 of the podcast I interview Garrett Kwakkestein of the Phoenix Airgun Club, host of the 2017 AAFTA U.S. Field Target Nationals.

While the U.S. FT nationals are still more than seven months away, expect a few twists on the traditional nationals recipe along with a beautiful desert environment to shoot in this November.

For up-to-date information, refer to the Phoenix Club’s site by clicking here.

I will do a follow-up interview with Garett a month or so before the nationals.

Episode 15 – How to Start an Air Gun Club

You want to shoot your air gun with like minded people, maybe hold some sort of fun shoots or competitions like field target or bench rest. The problem you might find is that there is no air gun club near you. What do you do? You have three choices: (1) drive an unreasonable distance, (2) don’t shoot in a club setting, or (3) start your own club.

Episode 15 is about option 3… starting an air gun club.

Hope you find this helpful.