Episode 9 – 2016 AAFTA US Field Target Nationals Recap

The 2016 AAFTA Field Target National Championships are over and Chris and I are back in North Carolina.   We had a great time.   In this podcast (recorded on the road on our drive back) we talk about the match.  We enjoyed our time in Michigan shooting, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones.

Rifle results can be found here.  Pistol results are here.

Stay on past the closing music and hear some outtakes from the awards ceremony.

Episode 8 – David Slade

David Slade has been shooting airguns a long time and has enjoyed every minute of it.

He has been a part of the sport from its early days in England and brought his love for airguns and field target to the U.S. in the early 90’s.


David on the cover of Airgun World, May 1987

David has been on the AAFTA board of governors, he has been part of multiple clubs in the U.S. and in England and has made many friends along the way.

He has won a national championship, started Airgunwerks, and built a tremendous air gun collection.

Airguns and FT have allowed him to travel the world, meet the love of his life, and more.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Field Target Podcast.

Episode 5- Greg Sauve – Field Target Champion

Greg Sauve is a great ambassador for US Field Target. He has won multiple US National Championships, he has been a fixture in the World Championships, is the current AAFTA WFTF representative, and will be a member of the AAFTA Board of Governors starting in 2017.


Perfect Score 9-17-16


In this episode we delve into what it takes to be a champion and to stay at or near the top of the game.

We learn about Greg’s March 8-80 scope, his Steyr riffles, his gear and practice routines, advice to new shooters, some of his best memories in FT, and much more.

Greg’s home club is the Badgerland Airgun Assocaition (BAGA).


Episode 4 – James Brinkley and the John Whiscombe Air Rifles

James Brinkley has a passion for Whiscombe air rifles and in this edition of the FTPodcast you will find out all about John Whiscombe air rifle, how field target can be a sport for the entire family, and how a passion for shooting filed target and air rifle bench rest evolved.

A special thanks to Philip Hepler, THAGC member, of www.316graphics.com for his help with the FTPodcast graphics!