Episode 12 – Getting Started in WFTF (on a budget) with Tom Holland

Tom Holland has been shooting competitively since he was in high school.  He holds indoor national and world records with a crossbow.

Tom discovered field target in 2009 after visiting aimg9503111-1n airgun store on Long Island and was hooked.

He bought a Benjamin Marauder to get into field target and has since expanded his airgun collection to include a Steyr and RAW TM1000, but he has gone back to the Marauder as his main gun, placing second at the 2016 Pyramid Air Cup with it.

In this episode Tom talks about his development as a shooter and how eventually ended up in WFTF shooting his Marauder.   In talking about the gear and gu2011-03-13_15-31-38_425ns, we cover the basic WFTF rules.     We discuss getting into field target on a budget, how Tom has modified his Benjamin Marauder with a regulator from airgunexporter.com, scope choices, and advantages of a regulated air rifle.

Tom talks about the challenges of shooting a 12 foot-pound energy rifle, pellet selection,  the rules, and some basics of reading the wind.

Hope you enjoy the episode.





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Episode 11 – Introduction to Pistol Field Target

In this episode, Bob Dye talks about his history shooting 10 meter air pistol, how he discovered field target, and the bd-2history of pistol field target since 2012.   Bob covers the rules, open and hunter divisions, and selection of a pistol scope and other gear.

This episode is aimed at those new to field target who want to learn more aboutcz200s-pardini pistol field target and those of us who have shot rifle field target but may want to try pistol.

The pistol rules are in the AAFTA rules at www.aafta.org.


Episode 9 – 2016 AAFTA US Field Target Nationals Recap

The 2016 AAFTA Field Target National Championships are over and Chris and I are back in North Carolina.   We had a great time.   In this podcast (recorded on the road on our drive back) we talk about the match.  We enjoyed our time in Michigan shooting, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones.

Rifle results can be found here.  Pistol results are here.

Stay on past the closing music and hear some outtakes from the awards ceremony.

Episode 8 – David Slade

David Slade has been shooting airguns a long time and has enjoyed every minute of it.

He has been a part of the sport from its early days in England and brought his love for airguns and field target to the U.S. in the early 90’s.


David on the cover of Airgun World, May 1987

David has been on the AAFTA board of governors, he has been part of multiple clubs in the U.S. and in England and has made many friends along the way.

He has won a national championship, started Airgunwerks, and built a tremendous air gun collection.

Airguns and FT have allowed him to travel the world, meet the love of his life, and more.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Field Target Podcast.

Airgunners of Arizona

Airgunners of Arizona will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2017.

With over 30 members, this aoaAAFTA member club has a match each month and the club web site is the source of information about about the club, the history, and upcoming events.

In this episode Scott Allen interviews Mark Kauffman.

Review of the Rowan Engineering Digital Sidewheel

I like technology.  I tend to be an early adopter.  Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not so good.

Some months ago, when Rowan Engineering released its digital side wheel, I contacted Dave Rose, the owner. At the time hdsw-1ae was not ready to ship any to the US, wanting to continue to make certain that the side wheel is reliable.

I kept checking the Rowan site and with Dave and, eventually, he let me order one.   It was and may still be the only one in the US.  The Rowan web site, as of 9/22/16, says: “DSW is presently only available to UK customers. Will we be accepting overseas orders shortly.”

In any event, he accepted my order a few months ago but I had to wait a bit for the order to ship so he could make mounting brackets for my 34mm scope tube and they were also working out an issue with a bad batch of microchips.

This is a review after a couple of months of ownership.  By no means is this the end of the review, as I will be using it and waiting with interest for future software upgrades.

After having a chance to work with this device some I made a requst to the Board of Governors to ensure it is legal.  The concern I received back is that it had a wind indicator on it.  As discussed in the audio, it has no way to measure wind or wind direction, all you can do is tell it from which way you believe the wind is blowing.  The feature can be turned off in the parameters.  I discussed the issue with Dave Rose and he made a software update that removes the compass functionality entirely and requires that you put a country code in so that it must boot in a certain way and you get this from v1.06 of the software.



So the visual boot up process should make it very easy for anyone to confirm the device is within the rules   The fact that this device  is run by software that the manufacturer is willing to update to ensure rules compliance will hopefully be reassuring to AAFTA as it considers this device and devices like it in the future

I need to get this out of the way: this is in no way a sponsored review. I paid full price for this piece of kit (as the English say). Rowan is not paying me.  (Which I might say is very unfortunate…. it would be great to defray the costs of doing the podcasts, but that’s okay, the lack of money from sponsors takes away concerns over biased reviews.)

Dave did throw in cool baseball cap (maybe they are called cricket caps in the UK?) with “Rowan Engineering” on it in white letters.  I figure that was meant to take some of the sting out of the delay.  Uber nice hat but it’s way too small for me, but the thought was most generous.  Maybe Chris Berry can use it.

Listen to the audio for details on installation, setup and use, and my impressions.

I hope you enjoy the audio review.


The photos here are courtesy of the Rowan website.   Here’s the link to the DSW page at Rowan.  The PDF manual is here and if you are seriously thinking about getting one of these, your should read it.

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Episode 5- Greg Sauve – Field Target Champion

Greg Sauve is a great ambassador for US Field Target. He has won multiple US National Championships, he has been a fixture in the World Championships, is the current AAFTA WFTF representative, and will be a member of the AAFTA Board of Governors starting in 2017.


Perfect Score 9-17-16


In this episode we delve into what it takes to be a champion and to stay at or near the top of the game.

We learn about Greg’s March 8-80 scope, his Steyr riffles, his gear and practice routines, advice to new shooters, some of his best memories in FT, and much more.

Greg’s home club is the Badgerland Airgun Assocaition (BAGA).


Episode 4 – James Brinkley and the John Whiscombe Air Rifles

James Brinkley has a passion for Whiscombe air rifles and in this edition of the FTPodcast you will find out all about John Whiscombe air rifle, how field target can be a sport for the entire family, and how a passion for shooting filed target and air rifle bench rest evolved.

A special thanks to Philip Hepler, THAGC member, of www.316graphics.com for his help with the FTPodcast graphics!